Lockdown by Delilah Devlin

After surviving an attack by a prisoner, corrections officer Gillian Priest arrives at her new unit, determined not to ever let her guard down again. Things get complicated when a handsome new prisoner enters her dreams and seduces her. When fellow officer Billy Hedron makes a pass, she’s already primed, ready to ease the arousal her sexy dreams have left with a more appropriate mate.

Billy Hedron knows his old Marine buddy Gabriel Vlahos is posing as a prisoner to find a demon within the prison walls, and who better to hunt one than an incubus? When his buddy seduces Gillian in her dreams, Billy stands ready to serve the needs his friend stirs up in the attractive woman. But things take a deadly turn when the demon they seek decides it’s time to take them all to hell.

Book Details

  • File Namelockdown-by-delilah-devlin.epub
  • Original TitleLockdown: A Veiled Alliance Story
  • Creator
  • Languageen
  • Identifier2555196105
  • Date2018-11-05
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. Lockdown
  • 4. Copyright
  • 5. Chapter 1
  • 6. Chapter 2
  • 7. Chapter 3
  • 8. Chapter 4
  • 9. Chapter 5
  • 10. Chapter 6
  • 11. Chapter 7
  • 12. Chapter 8
  • 13. Lion in the Shadows
    • Chapter 1
  • 14. About the Author
  • 15. Also by Delilah Devlin

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