Letting Go by Romeo Alexander

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There’s a first time for everything … even love.

A shy loner going through the motions
It’s hard for Cuba to pick a point in his life where he felt like he was truly happy. Every good thing that’s happened to him has been deflated in some way by one tragedy or another … he just feels like he’s been sinking. After graduation, he moved to San Francisco to try to lose himself in his career, but nothing seems to click. Until Raphael walked into his life in a cloud of cigarette smoke.

A playboy who’s used to getting his way
A high-powered job, fast cars, trips, cash, and guys … Nothing is out of Raphael’s reach, and if he wants it, he takes it—that’s the way he likes it. He doesn’t have time for relationships, and he definitely doesn’t have room in his life for any kind of commitment, but there’s something special about Cuba’s sad, dark eyes that he can’t seem to forget. He’ll do anything to make Cuba smile.

Raphael has always led a selfish life. After a chance meeting at a house party, he discovers that having a romantic side isn’t a bad thing, and that maybe a fairytale ending is in his future. Shy and inexperienced, Cuba isn’t sure about anything, and his reluctance to accept that he can be happy only makes Raphael more determined to make him shine.

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