Laws of the Heart by David Horne


Johnny Peralta is a defense attorney at one of the top law firms in Manhattan. He makes more money than he needs, spends his time bending the law to his advantage and goes through girlfriends like a hot knife through butter. Johnny’s confident facade cracks for the first time when he meets Matt, a young aspiring actor from Queens. Although Matt is gay, and Johnny knows he’s definitely not, the two begin a friendship that spirals into something more.

However, the true test of Johnny’s character is when he is forced to choose between Matt and the job he’s wanted for his entire life. Can Johnny finally find true love with Matt? Or, will his ambitions become too important for him to give up. Will Matt understand and accept Johnny for who and what he is? Or is their relationship too complicated and Matt decides to walk away.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. Chapter One
  • 3. Chapter Two
  • 4. Chapter Three
  • 5. Chapter Four
  • 6. Chapter Five
  • 7. Chapter Six
  • 8. Chapter Seven
  • 9. Chapter Eight
  • 10. Chapter Nine
  • 11. Chapter Ten
  • 12. Chapter Eleven
  • 13. Chapter Twelve
  • 14. Chapter Thirteen
  • 15. Chapter Fourteen
  • 16. Chapter Fifteen
  • 17. Chapter Sixteen
  • 18. Epilogue

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