Knight Nostalgia by Joey W. Hill

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A whole new anthology featuring the beloved Knights of the Board Room characters…

Conqueror’s Fantasy – When Matt Kensington takes Savannah to The Resort as an anniversary gift, they will explore their Dominant and submissive relationship to untold new depths. But on their last day there, Matt plans one more special surprise for his wife. He will bring to life a fantasy she’s held since the unforgettable night he made his feelings clear to her in his board room. A role-playing fantasy Savannah never expected to share with her practical husband. But Matt refuses to let even one of her fantasies go unfulfilled.

Girls’ Day Out – Ben O’Callahan considers himself a brave man. But he ponders putting in for extreme hazard pay when he volunteers to take the wives of the K&A men out for a day of shopping and girl talk. There’s already some serious compensation, however. He has the chance to spend the day with Marcie, and prove to her sister Cass he can be the man Marcie needs him to be.

The Card Game – For the past several years, Rachel has learned what it means to be loved, as a wife and cherished submissive. Yet some shadows of the past continue to cling. Then the K&A men plan an after-hours poker game, and offer Rachel and Dana the opportunity to be the jackpot, required to do whatever the man who wins each hand commands. With the chance to serve the “Knights of the Board Room” in a way she’s always dreamed about, Rachel will dispel the shadows once and for all, and finally believe in the unshakable love of her Master.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Table of Contents
  • 4. Acknowledgments
  • 5. Conqueror’s Fantasy
  • 6. Girls’ Day Out
  • 7. The Card Game
  • 8. Afterword
  • 9. Ready for More?
  • 10. About the Author
  • 11. Also by Joey W. Hill
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