KingPin by Eden Rose

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They say it’s lonely on the top and I have to agree. It is even lonelier as a QueenPin in a man’s world.
Everything I have worked for is at stake. I’m Lucian McGrace, the leader behind the feared 3-1-3 Gang of Detroit. We are the runners of all products moving from Chicago to Canada.
As the fearless leader of the gang and the owner of The Venetian- a posh fetish club, I needed a trusted lieutenant to help keep everyone in line. It was all fine and good until I found out what he’s been doing behind my back. He’s been hurting me where it hurts and what’s worse, he pushed my new submissive away.
Mason ran when he found out who I am. I’m not just a dominatrix who owns a club. I’m the leader of the 3-1-3 Gang and I will get my respect. He couldn’t handle it and left me when I needed him the most. I have never needed someone as I needed him and I need him more now than I have ever needed someone.
The life I have led and continue to lead has created the biggest target on my back. I’m about to enter the biggest fight of my life and I have to do it from the down low. I need someone to be the face of my gang until I can get rid of the threat.
Which is why I’m asking Mason to help. I’m in the biggest fight of my life. I’m fighting for my gang and my heart.

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