Immortal Kiss by Kensie King

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Elliot Lane was born a vampire hunter. Ordinarily, vampire hunter blood runs down from generation to generation, but Elliot is the first hunter in years that has no family ties to the occupation. That makes him even more determined to prove to the other hunters that he can hunt and kill just as well as them—and he’s got the perfect chance to do it by killing the clan of vampires in Silver Creek. But his first look at Chris Jenson, deputy and new vampire, stops him cold. He never knew he could feel the way he does, but now he’s torn between his duty to his people and his soulmate.
Chris is prepared for Elliot when he comes to try to destroy his clan. But he isn’t prepared for the rush of unusual emotions or the fact that he’s never felt this way about a man before. He knows right away it’s the same thing other members of his clan have been experiencing. He’s Fated. But how can he reconcile his new feelings with what he spent most of his life believing? And how can he give into what his heart wants when vampire hunters are the enemy and there might be more coming for his clan?

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