I Like The Way You Hurt by Lorrain Allen

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“You don’t belong here. In fact, you don’t belong anywhere.”

“I know where I belong and it’s standing right next to you.”

Before the first day of school he turned most of the senior class against me, but I’m not easily broken.
When I don’t fold under pressure he comes at me full force, wanting to destroy me. He never expected to be the one to fold.


I walk through constant fog with an overcast sky… there’s no sun to warm my cold flesh, but suddenly on the horizon I see a slash of light breaking through the darkness. I walk towards the brightness, like a moth to a flame – needing it like it’s my salvation, needing to escape this empty void. When I see Cocoa the monster inside me wants to break free, desperately needing to wreck her world and devour her until my beast is sated. I’m confused by the feelings she stirs in me. She’s everything I’ve been taught to hate, but I can’t stay away. Will I be her destruction, or will she be my savior?


He’s fire and I’m gasoline. Should we ever combine we’ll start a wildfire, causing devastation in its wake. I’m on precarious ground, but I like the burn of the searing flames. I’m drawn to this beautiful irrevocably damaged boy like a magnet, even though he hates me. He’s on a collision course, but still I jump in, fastening my seatbelt to come along for the ride. Could I be the balm needed to soothe the pain in his heart, or should I prepare for impact?

WARNING: This book contains strong sexual content and triggers. The subject matter is very brutal. Readers beware. This book isn’t for sensitive individuals.
This is a standalone book.

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  • Original Title:I LIKE THE WAY YOU HURT: A Dark Interracial High School Bully Romance
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Table of Content

  • 1. Copyright
  • 2. Dedication
  • 3. Author’s Note
  • 4. Synopsis
  • 5. Soundtrack
  • 6. Chapter 1
  • 7. Chapter 2
  • 8. Chapter 3
  • 9. Chapter 4
  • 10. Chapter 5
  • 11. Chapter 6
  • 12. Chapter 7
  • 13. Chapter 8
  • 14. Chapter 9
  • 15. Chapter 10
  • 16. Chapter 11
  • 17. Chapter 12
  • 18. Chapter 13
  • 19. Chapter 14
  • 20. Chapter 15
  • 21. Chapter 16
  • 22. Chapter 17
  • 23. Chapter 18
  • 24. Chapter 19
  • 25. Chapter 20
  • 26. Chapter 21
  • 27. Chapter 22
  • 28. Chapter 23
  • 29. Chapter 24
  • 30. Chapter 25
  • 31. Chapter 26
  • 32. Chapter 27
  • 33. Chapter 28
  • 34. Chapter 29
  • 35. Chapter 30
  • 36. Chapter 31
  • 37. Chapter 32
  • 38. Chapter 33
  • 39. Epilogue
  • 40. Thank You for Reading
  • 41. Acknowledgements
  • 42. About the Author
  • 43. Other Books
  • 44. Stay Connected
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Chanyeol Park
Chanyeol Park

definitely won’t buy this 🤨

Replya day ago
    Lorrain  Allen
    Lorrain Allen

    @Jen Newman How can I sue? Who would I sue? I have no idea who runs this website. Also, I'm an indie author who can't afford a lawyer! I have a better suggestion. How about people like you grow some morals and not support websites like this???

    Replya day ago
      Lorrain  Allen
      Lorrain Allen

      @Jen Y What aren’t you understanding? This is not a legitimate website. Mia Barrett did not upload her book on this website! It was done so WITHOUT her permission! And again, as stated in my other comment, the first 3-5 chapters are FREE on Amazon. More than enough to determine if a person likes a book. There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever to support a pirate website!

      Reply4 days ago
      • jen newman

        why don't you just sue?

        4 days ago
      Lorrain  Allen
      Lorrain Allen

      First and foremost websites like Amazon offer the first 3-5 chapters of a book for FREE! If you don’t like it, don’t purchase! This is why authors can’t afford to continue producing books, because of PEOPLE like you! Authors spend $1,000 to $5,000 to produce a quality book!

      Reply20 days ago
      • Jen Y

        If I like a book here, I will 100% go and purchase from the author, direct on their site if possible. Authors on here like Mia Barrett-has one book on this site. I've purchased 5 of her books now.

        20 days ago
      Vee Pender
      Vee Pender

      @MsLorrainAllen, I love to read and also have purchased some really terrible books. I had never heard of you as an author until I stumbled onto this website!

      Reply3 months ago
        Lorrain  Allen
        Lorrain Allen

        Stop stealing my books!

        Reply5 months ago
          Lorrain  Allen
          Lorrain Allen

          So stealing my books!

          Reply5 months ago
            Vee Pender
            Vee Pender

            Shucks another awesome piece! Omg! Thanks ePub! Much appreciated!

            Reply7 months ago