Hunter Moon by Erzabet Bishop

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Dearly departed…
Zoe is tired of seeing ghosts, but when you connect with the dead, it’s just one long party. When she gets invited to go to a weekend retreat at Mercer Cliff House to help her friend Vie determine if it’s really as haunted as they say, she reluctantly goes, her ghostly tagalong, Randall, along for the ride. But when she encounters a familiar face among the dead, her weekend is about to get more interesting and she may just have more at stake than her heart.
Lowell has been trapped on the earthy plane since he was murdered over a century ago. Tied to his family’s estate and holdings until the deed is found, he spends his nights making the new so called owners of Mercer Cliff wish they’d never set foot in the place. When an unexpected guest shows up for a weekend event, he realizes time is of the essence and the woman he loves could be in grave danger unless he finds a way to save her first.

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