Hers To Love by Adele Hart

Hey Girl,
Have you ever been to a concert, dancing to the beat with your arms in the air, waving them around like you just don’t care? Then suddenly, you had the urge to toss your panties on the stage and spend the rest of the night commando? Oh, you’ve done that? You’re a Rockstar.
Ever watched the drummer and wonder if his stick is long and hard? Prayed that yours would be the next skin he pounded? Would his rhythm make you writhe and moan?
Wait no more. David Hansen will set the beat to make your heart pound. He doesn’t want your underwear. He wants something more. He wants love. Are you interested? If so, I’ll race you to the stage. Don’t forget the panties. He may want them after all.
Peace Out,
Adele (drops mic to race to the stage, but trips over her panties on the way)

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  • Original TitleHers To Love: Bad Boys and Bands
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Contents
  • 4. Also by Adele Hart
  • 5. Foreword
  • 6. Chapter One
  • 7. Chapter Two
  • 8. Chapter Three
  • 9. Chapter Four
  • 10. Chapter Five
  • 11. Chapter Six
  • 12. Chapter Seven
  • 13. Chapter Eight
  • 14. Chapter Nine
  • 15. Chapter Ten
  • 16. Chapter Eleven
  • 17. Chapter Twelve
  • 18. Chapter Thirteen
  • 19. Epilogue One
  • 20. Epilogue Two
  • 21. Also by Adele Hart
  • 22. My Toy Boy-Sneak Peek
  • 23. About the Author

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