Hell Fire Riders MC by K.J. Dahlen

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Ex-military, retired Seals and Rangers, all together for a common goal, to protect our home soil. To watch and prevent another 9-11 from happening here at home. They all got sick of the red tape the military lives and often dies by.
Given a new mission by their government these men put their lives on the line every day. They watch over us and this nation. They are our first step in preventing terror attacks here, in our own backyard.
Pappy, Dewey, Michael, Gage and so many more. They don’t look for trouble, they are there to stop it. Then watch as each of these men find that special someone in their lives and follow the ups and down of making a connection with the often stubborn women they knock heads with.

It isn’t easy but when is it ever? Love is very worth the struggle.

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