Have You Met Alex by Kenna Shaw Reed


When you want your romance short but not sweet, Have you met … Alex?
The one year anniversary of my public heartbreak and humiliation shouldn’t have ended up with Alex.
One glorious night was all it took to take a friendship one step more.
But when I woke up alone, I took it as a sign. He’s not ready to move on.
I don’t need a note. I need to get out of town and protect my heart.
Before it’s too late.
I was looking for beer, beach and a willing babe. Not necessarily in that order.
I didn’t expect to run into the sexy Simone.
I didn’t expect to wake up the next morning with her legs wrapped around mine.
And when I went for a surf, I didn’t expect her to be gone.
I thought … it doesn’t matter what I thought, or felt. She’s gone.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Short but not sweet
  • 2. Have you met … Alex
    • Wait, there is more…
  • 3. Sneak peek: The Uni Student
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