Haunted Heart by Juliana Conners

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They both think the only scary part of hooking up on Halloween is the possibility of falling in love.

Poor darling’s never ridden a motorcycle before. Or me, for that matter.
Brynn has no f*cking idea what’s in store for her tonight.
But then again, neither do I.

He’s running from the law and from his past. She’s trying to build a future for herself and her son. Their worlds collide on Halloween night, when he’s faced with saving her from real danger, only to risk losing his own freedom.

This novella combines sexy and scary in a page-turning suspenseful romance you don’t want to miss. It’s free for five days as a Halloween treat and a sneak peek into other books by Juliana Conners. Haunted Heart is a standalone with a slight cliffhanger leading into a forthcoming longer version of the book and other books in The Bradford Brothers series to which it is tied, but it has a complete ending and can be read independently without missing a beat.

Some warnings and some promises: Haunted Heart is a novella featuring insta-love, explicit language, super steamy scenes sure to heat up your Halloween season, some dark themes and possible triggers, and of course a Happily Ever After between this MC bad boy outlaw and the strong and curvy heroine who melts his heart of steel.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Chapter 1 – Brynn
  • 2. Chapter 2 – Brynn
  • 3. Chapter 3 – Brynn
  • 4. Chapter 4 – Brynn
  • 5. Chapter 5 – Larson
  • 6. Chapter 6 – Larson
  • 7. Chapter 7 – Brynn
  • 8. Chapter 8 – Brynn
  • 9. Chapter 9 – Larson
  • 10. Chapter 10 – Brynn
  • 11. Chapter 11 – Larson
  • 12. Chapter 12 – Brynn
  • 13. Chapter 13 – Larson
  • 14. Chapter 14 – Brynn
  • 15. Chapter 15 – Larson
  • 16. Get More Larson and Brynn… for FREE!
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