Girl Dad’s a Rising Star by Ember Davis

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This is it, my chance, my big break, my first tour. I knew when I was signed to White Picket Fence Records that my life was going to change. I wanted it. I craved it. Finally getting the chance to make it into a career is almost everything I’ve ever wanted.
Music and Leighla. Those are the two things that kept me going through the hard times. Leighla has been the light in my darkness since the moment she was born, even as the relationship with her mother crumbled around me. She made her choices; her daughter and I weren’t it.
I can’t leave my daughter behind as I go on tour, I’d never survive that long without her sweetness and smiles. Melody is a godsend and is there for Leighla when I can’t be. She’s on tour to do a job, but when I look at Melody, all I want is to give her pleasure. It’s a horrible idea and could cost me everything. I’ll risk it. She’s mine and by the end of the tour I’m going to make sure she knows it.

I need this job. I need my internship to turn into a career that I’m proud of. I have one shot to make myself indispensable to the label. I will make sure Leighla is given the care she needs so that Carter can go out on stage knowing that she’s safe and happy. Leighla loves her Daddy, and I can understand why Carter doesn’t want to be away from his adorable little girl.
There’s one big, huge, gigantic, momentous problem with my job. Carter is the sexiest man I’ve ever met and when he melts for his daughter, I find myself doing the same…but for him. I try to ignore it, but every look he gives me makes it harder to stay professional. Every touch lights me up and makes me want to sing.
I can’t let these feelings get in the way of my duties. Falling in love with the father-daughter duo isn’t part of my job description. I could lose everything I’ve worked for, but maybe I could gain so much more than a paycheck.

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Anastasia Sullivan
Anastasia Sullivan

Soooo sweet!!! Absolutely loved it ❤❤❤

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