Fox by Tarin Lex

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I married a man with the best heart and soul on Earth.
Or so I thought.
Eighteen months later, we were divorced.
Or so we thought.
Now he’s asking me to finish what I assumed was already signed and sealed.
In my mind, it was already done.
So why is it so hard to do it again?

I’ll never stop loving Emelia.
I loved her so much I let her go.
Two years on, I’m ready to buy my first house, but I can’t find our divorce decree.
Because there isn’t one.
Due to a clerical error, the judge never entered it into the docket.
We were too busy and emotional to realize it hadn’t been finalized.
Maybe deep down we both knew it wasn’t over.
If I tell her why I really called off our marriage, can she find it in her heart to forgive me?

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Table of Content

  • 1. One
  • 2. Two
  • 3. Three
  • 4. Four
  • 5. Five
  • 6. Six
  • 7. Seven
  • 8. Epilogue
  • 9. About Tarin Lex

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