Forget Me Not by V. L. Locey

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Is it possible that the soft smile and furtive looks from Bailey are flirtatious, or is Hadley just living in a floral fantasy world?
It was supposed to be just another day in the life of Hadley Burton.
Wake up alone, go to work at his flower shop, go home, eat a frozen dinner, play his favorite online fantasy game, go to bed. Alone. So when his shop gets a frantic call from a harried guy from the Albany Beavers hockey team, looking for flowers for the annual Mother’s Trip wrap-up dinner, he’s stunned and thrilled. Working like a madman, Hadley and his lone employee burn the midnight oil and arrive at the arena just in time to place the centerpieces and meet a few of the players.
Thinking that this business boon was the best thing that could happen to him, he’s not at all ready to run into Bailey Rust, the considerably younger phenom forward of the Beavers. Nor is he prepared to discover that Bailey is a huge gamer and is the prettiest thing he has seen in years. After an hour spent talking gaming, the two go their separate ways. Until Bailey shows up at the flower shop the next day. And the day after that. And the day after that…

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Forget Me Not
  • 3. About the Author
  • 4. LGBTQ Releases | Standalones
  • 5. Colors of Love Series
  • 6. The Campo Royale Series
  • 7. According to Liam Series
  • 8. Prairie Smoke Ranch Trilogy
  • 9. Overtime—The Trilogy
  • 10. The Laurel Holidays Series
  • 11. Tales of Bryant Series
  • 12. Cayuga Cougars Series
  • 13. Arizona Raptors
  • 14. Boston Rebels Series
  • 15. Harrisburg Railers Series
  • 16. Owatonna U. Hockey Trilogy
  • 17. M/F Rereleases – Coming in October

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Lydia Loth
Lydia Loth

🔥🥰 good, but siddende end And no prolog...

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