Forbidden Hero by Jo Grafford

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A rebel cowboy is determined to win a date with the one woman everyone else claims will never take him seriously. With a lasso in hand, though, he’s liking his chances…
All the good girls in town have been warned to stay away from bad boy Crew Anderson, even after he lands a job at his cousins’ ranch and turns over a new leaf — or so his family claims. A string of local car thefts has some folks wondering if he’s back up to his old tricks.
Fortunately, Grecia Stephens, who’s been contracted by K&G Security to serve as a guard at all the big ranch events, knows a thing or two about defending and protecting. She is confident the ranch guests and their personal belongings will be safe under her watch. When she’s assigned to cover Crew’s shift, however, she quickly realizes how ill-equipped she is to defend her own heart!

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  • Original Title:Forbidden Hero: Hometown Heroes A-Z (Born In Texas Book 6)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. Copyright
  • 4. Acknowledgments
  • 5. About this Series
  • 6. Chapter 1: Decisions
  • 7. Chapter 2: New Management
  • 8. Chapter 3: Fraternizing with the Enemy
  • 9. Chapter 4: First Day
  • 10. Chapter 5: Friendly Warnings
  • 11. Chapter 6: Birthday Boy
  • 12. Chapter 7: Unexpected Discovery
  • 13. Chapter 8: Accidental Encounter
  • 14. Chapter 9: No Reset Button
  • 15. Chapter 10: Sunset Confessions
  • 16. Epilogue
  • 17. Sneak Preview: Guardian Hero
  • 18. Sneak Preview: Winds of Change
  • 19. Sneak Preview: The Plus One Rescue
  • 20. Sneak Preview: Her Billionaire Boss
  • 21.
  • 22. Also by Jo Grafford

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