F*cker Next Door by Sam Crescent

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Cassie Love cannot stand Slade Coal. He has absolutely no respect for personal boundaries—he’s also her next-door neighbor and her colleague, the smoking hot, oh-so-popular deputy. All the women in town love him, but not her. Nope. Slade has his eye on his sexy, curvy neighbor. She’s so prim and proper that he just wants to dirty her up a little. He’ll have to settle for teasing her, though, because Slade doesn’t do relationships, or love.

When Slade and Cassie have a do-over, their attitudes change, and they find they actually have a lot in common, so their friendship is born. Without realizing it, Slade helps to heal Cassie’s broken heart,and in doing so, awakens the woman she has kept buried deep. But what happens when their friendship changes again and they include a little benefit into the mix? Slade loves to get dirty, and Cassie wants to experience something hot. But to go from friends-with-benefits to down the aisle—is that even possible?

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