Don’t Lie by Violet Paige


Blade: She can resist all she wants. I might be twice her age. I might have been her father’s best friend. But now I want to claim her perfect body. I want to protect her from her abusive cop husband. The law can’t touch me. But I can touch her. She tries to deny she needs protection. I know better. I want to rip that cops c*ck off. And I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Michelle: I wasn’t prepared for this. I needed to escape the abuse, but didn’t know how. Now my only refuge is this sexy as hell biker who was my dad’s best friend, and twice my age. I’m tired of making stupid mistakes, I ain’t no damsel in distress. But when I press close to his hard body I want to surrender to him completely. Will he still stand by to protect me when it means he may have to sacrifice his freedom?

Book Details

  • File Namedont-lie-by-violet-paige.epub
  • Original TitleDon't Lie
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  • Languageen
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  • PublisherHead Over Heels Press
  • Date2017-09-14T16:00:00+00:00
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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. Epilogue
  • 3. Kaitlyn
  • 4. Cole
  • 5. Dirty Game
  • 6. Blake
  • 7. Sierra
  • 8. Naughty Notes

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