Deep in Chaos by Linny Lawless


The only family I have are my brothers. The ones I fought with in the war and the ones I ride beside in my club, the Chaos Kings MC. I keep everyone else in this fucked up world at a distance. It’s better that way, isn’t it? One night I stumble upon the most beautiful red-haired vixen to ever walk this earth. Never did I think that the Cheetah Club would have the cat just for me. She’s enticing, captivating, and decadently delicious. The sultry movement of her body calms the ever-growing darkness and pain that surrounds me. I want to touch her, to breathe her in. But can I do that without letting her see the monster that I am?

The King comes in to watch me dance at Cheetah. He’s unapproachable, unreadable but still I sense his primal sexual energy. Almost as if he’s a panther on the prowl. He matches this cat well, if you ask me. He isn’t like the others. He sees what others don’t. To him I’m not wicked or repulsive. I see him as well. I see the way he carries pain and darkness like an albatross around his neck. This Chaos King may want me to be afraid of him, but no one frightens me though, because I am as cursed as they come. And the only thing he does is draw me closer. All I want to do is know his name and know how sinful his lips feel against mine.

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