Dark and Deadly by Lynn Hagen

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When you dump a guy, he should stay dumped. That sounded good in theory, but Warren’s life was a complicated mess. Not only is Ryan obsessed with Warren, insert Ash, a hot bartender from the gay club in town, who takes a little too much interest in him. Warren is up to his eyeballs in frustration. When he grows ill, it’s Ryan and Ash who rush him to the clinic, and now Warren is shocked when he’s told he’s knocked up, and Ryan is the father. Yikes!

Unfortunately, Warren keeps letting Ryan and Ash into his life, no matter how many times he says he’s not going to see them again. Two men with Spartan abs and killer looks. How is a guy supposed to resist that? Two men who want to make a Warren sandwich. Swoon. Until Warren finds out that Ryan is part vampire and Ash is a wolf shifter, and Ryan has a demon after him, hellbent on wiping Ryan from existence.

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