Cutie Pie by Nichole Rose

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This bossy hockey star just met his curvy match.

Weston Davies, bad boy of the NHL, was my dad’s hero.
He’s a beast on the ice…and off.
He’s also rude, arrogant, and way too hot.
I came to the game to thank him for making my dad’s last year so happy.
I’m leaving as the winner of a Valentine’s Day date with him.
Why do I get the feeling he’s behind my random selection?
And why am I thinking about actually following through?
This has bad idea written all over it.

Nothing gets me as heated as a bad call on the ice.
Until I save Laney Briggs from a wayward puck.
She’s got the brightest eyes and the cutest annoyed face I’ve ever seen.
I probably shouldn’t have offered to sign her chest.
I really shouldn’t have scammed my way into a date with her.
But there’s something about her that drives me wild.
She thinks I’m an arrogant jerk.
I think she was made to be mine.
Now I just have to convince her that I’m worth the hassle.

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Loved this story. It sucks you into the story so fast and so deep that you don't realize it all happens over a short amount of time..until the end when you realize it was almost a love at first sight thing. It was fucking perfect!

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