Cry for Daddy by Aubrey Cara

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Death showed up and he wanted to set me free.
Give me a chance at a normal life.
But I have a black spot on my soul. And his idea of normal is not for me.
What I want is a daddy.
A dark daddy whose soul is blacker than mine.
Whose touch is my center of gravity.
And I need him before my master comes for me.
I’m not ready to be free. But I refuse to die in the cage designed for me.
She’s a bird with clipped wings.
A liability I don’t need.
She’s a manipulative little baggage who cries so sweetly when she begs and calls me daddy.
And I’m addicted to her tears.
It’s a mistake to keep her.
I need to get rid of her.
My brother will come for her.
But it’s too late. She’s mine now.
Anyone coming for her, will have to make it through me.

*Cry for Daddy is a re-released 24,000 word novella, first published in the limited edition, 2019 Dirty Daddies Anthology.*

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