Craving Her Love by Hope Paris

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How binding is a deathbed promise?

Mr Salazar gives me a slight nod, not offering me his hand. I’m on alert. Every time we’ve met before, he’s always shaken my hand. Not this time.
My mind starts racing. The image of my mother on her deathbed flashes in front of my eyes…I promised her this. I can’t live with such a failure on my conscience.
I wish Melanie was by my side. I need her…

Jason is already gone. The door slams shut behind him. Now I’m left sitting on his couch, alone.
Feeling like a discarded piece of trash.
Just when I thought my life was starting to turn around…
And as for Claire…I wish I had the strength to deal with her. I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop her before it gets too far…
She’s a wholehearted girl terrified of losing the love of her dreams. He’s her hot billionaire boyfriend who’s craving more than just her curves. When a strange
call from his top investor throws a wrench in his most important project, Jason’s confidence is put to the test. With tensions mounting and his business hanging
in the balance, can their love survive another storm? And what will happen when a deathbed promise is thrown into the mix?

Bursting with passion and thrilling romance designed to keep you hanging from every page, the fourth instalment of the Bestselling series Insta Love Alpha
Boss is guaranteed to provide your emotional fix for the day. If you crave short and spicy romance with wild emotions and a dash of family drama, you won’t
want to miss this one!
Buckle up for the final chapters of this electrifying love story. All bets are off and anything can happen…

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright Page
  • 3. Stay In Touch On Social Media
  • 4. Have You Read Books I, II & III ?
  • 5. Jason
  • 6. Melanie
  • 7. Melanie
  • 8. Jason
  • 9. Melanie
  • 10. Jason
  • 11. Did You Enjoy “Craving Her Love”?
  • 12. Why This Book Is So Important To Me
  • 13. Stay In Touch On Social Media
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