Cookies and Chaos by Lynn Hagen

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Wallet. Check. Keys. Check. Inhaler. Check. Sanity. Um, now where did Melvin put that? He has spent the last two weeks at the Kincaid mansion, but it’s time he spread his wings and got the heck out of there. Seth keeps saying they’re mates, which means boyfriend, right? That’s nuts since they really don’t know each other and who in their right mind says that to an almost-stranger?

Seth is at his wit’s end when it comes to his mate. Melvin seems utterly clueless until Seth finds out that his mate has gone to a bar for a failed booty call. Whoa. What? Worse, Melvin flirted with a very dangerous man, unbeknownst to his human mate. Now Melvin has a hellhound after him, and it’s up to Seth to keep him safe while convincing the guy what a mate truly is. When Melvin is thrust into the demon realm, Seth has to recruit the demon warriors to help him.

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