Caught By the Counselor by Joann Baker

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Clay Montgomery was a strictly by-the-book-District Attorney when it came to putting away bad guys. He’d closed the book on his love life, however, before the first page could be written. He’d grown up watching his mother struggle to provide a hand-to-mouth existence for him and his siblings after his father walked away and that was enough to convince him that the happily-ever-after thing was a myth. He’d stick to what he was good at—his job. He certainly didn’t need a sassy female attorney to assist him with his high-profile case—and he wasn’t going to let her change his mind. About work or love.
Was he?

Assistant District Attorney Kayley Harris had been betrayed by the two men she’d loved most—her fiancé and her father. She’d given up on men. They couldn’t be trusted. For the last several years, she’d put her heart into her job and that was where it was going to stay. She certainly wasn’t about to risk it on a sexy D.A. who thought a long relationship was one that lasted more than a week. She was a lot smarter than that.
Wasn’t she?

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