Care to Inspect by T.A. Andrews

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Stuck in a relationship that leaves me feeling worthless, moving through each day on auto pilot, I find myself needing to break free from the darkness in which I’m living. My children, my two best friends and my job as a childminder are the only things that keep me strong and moving forwards.
That is until, during an unannounced inspection at work, I meet Jack.
He sparks life back into me that’s been long forgotten. He’s determined, and he won’t stop fighting for me. But as much as I love how he makes me feel, we can’t be together and I don’t know where to begin trying to free myself from the chains.
Can he help me escape everything that’s pulling me down, or am I destined to remain trapped in this life forever?

Working long hours and spending my life keeping fit doesn’t leave much time for a love life or a family.
There is no space in my world for women or children.
That is until Georgia.
I see the sadness in her eyes, and for the first time, I feel the need to protect.
I want to take her away from the darkness I see hanging over her.
When our paths are forced back together, I am determined to make her mine—to give her the life I know she deserves.
But other people try to get in my way and I fear I may lose her before I win.

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