Bred by the King by Sam Crescent


Can love exist in a lawless world?

It all happened so fast … the virus, the mass deaths, the collapse of civilization. The government insisted Ashley was unique, so she was branded, permanently marked as a fertile woman. She considered the so-called blessing to be a curse. Every man left alive on the planet wanted to use her as a breeding vessel. She wanted no part of becoming a baby-making machine.
Draven knows how to survive. After spending most of his adulthood in the military, the transition to the hostile new world felt almost seamless. He created a kingdom from the ashes, keeping up walls to protect the people to chose to allow inside. It isn’t until Ashley shows up at his gates that he realizes what he’s missing. He wants the curvy young virgin to give him an heir. What he doesn’t count on is falling in love…

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  • Original TitleBred by the King (Breeding Season Book 4)
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