Breaking Secrets by M.A. Lee

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“He was like a forbidden fruit I was being tempted to taste.”

Kat isn’t like most girls. She is sassy, sexy, and strong-willed.
Smalls is anything but small. This large, tattoo covered hot-head has just met his match with Kat.
As the pair meet at a party, they have one hot night that ends just as fast as it started.
Only, Smalls refuses to give up on winning over Kat. As he fights to get her attention, Smalls also has to hide the fact he hooked up with his best friend, Isaac’s sister.

Will Smalls find a way to break the secret he and Kat share or will he lose his best friend and girl of his dreams in the process?

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  • Original Title:Breaking Secrets: Book 4 in the Breaking Boundaries Series
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