Blind Justice by Morgan Kelley

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A year has gone by, and the battle has raged. Boston has become a hotbed of craziness, and Greyson Croft and his family are all that is keeping it from falling apart.
The ChessMaster has systematically tried to claim the throne, taking out anyone and everyone who stands in the way.
The last man standing?
Greyson Croft.
So much has changed in a year in his world. Relationships have morphed, partnerships have grown, and they’ve become closer as a unit.
Well, they’re going to need it.
What’s coming is about to be the deadliest week of their lives, and unless they find a way to reveal who is pulling the strings, and why, none of them are going to make it out alive.
In the end, Justice is swift, but it is also blind.
That is a problem when you don’t see what’s coming at you both barrels.
Greyson is in the crosshairs.
And there will be bloodshed.
But whose?
That is the real question.

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