Bleeding Heart by Taylor Holloway

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They say I’m a ruthless, arrogant, playboy who doesn’t have a weakness. And they’re right. Until Madison Clark walked back into my life.

I grew up surrounded by unspeakable wealth.
Palatial estates, private jets, and a world where everyone wants to be your friend.
Friends that want to squeeze you for everything you’ve got.

Madison was the opposite. Her passion was helping others.
My passion was her.

It’s been years since I last laid eyes on her, but fate has brought us together. She’s no longer the naive little girl I knew growing up. Now she’s a smart, young attorney with a bleeding heart, trying to make the world a better place.

My business interests have suddenly collided with her humanitarian ones. But this deal and our lives could go up in flames if the Columbian drug cartel has its way.

I’ll exploit any weakness, fight any battle, and pay any price to protect her.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Epilogue Madison
  • 2. Epilogue Alexander
  • 3. Thanks for downloading ‘Bleeding Heart’
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  • 5. Alexander
  • 6. Madison
  • 7. Thanks for reading ‘Bleeding Heart’
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