Billionaire’s Baby by Lila Younger

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It was too good to be true…
No way I landed an interview with billionaire Lukas Claringdon based off my organizational skills.
But I need this job… I have to save my family home, no matter what.
So when he wants me to pretend to be his fiance, I immediately say yes.
And then he said he wanted me to have his baby.
It sounds crazy.
Completely crazy.
All I have to do is not fall in love.
I hate to be controlled.
My grandfather doesn’t know the meaning of family, having controlled every aspect of my life until I broke free.
But now he’s done it again… he wants me to have a family, or lose the business I sacrificed my life for.
So now I need a wife.
Only I didn’t expect to want her this much.
And suddenly I’m thinking long term…
But she’ll never believe me now…

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