Betrayed by Brook Wilder

I’d been betrayed, broken, and now I want my revenge.For four years, I was a plaything to monsters. Passed from one man to the next until each one became a blur. They did their best to break me. Now I was ready to sell them out to their enemy. Everything was supposed to go as planned… until Colby Morrison put his baby in me.VERONICA My own brother sold me to the ruthless bikers of the Blood Eagles MC. They did their best to break me, to make me submit. They inked my body with bruises from one night to the next. I wanted my revenge, and I knew exactly how I’d get it. I would sell them out to their worst enemies: the Frontier Reapers MC. I’d give those bastards a taste of their own medicine. It was supposed to be simple. It was supposed to be easy. But then I met Colby Morrison. He wasn’t supposed to break my walls. He wasn’t supposed to awaken something in me that I thought had died. He most certainly wasn’t supposed to leave his baby inside me. I don’t know if I’m just trading one set of monsters for another.

But Colby is the only chance I have—the only hope I have. And I’d rather die than give that chance up. COLBY knew exactly who she was from the moment she stepped through that door. She came to me with an offer: Protection in exchange for a chance to destroy our enemies. To sweeten the deal, she offered the one other thing she had in her possession: Herself. I know where my priorities lie, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t intrigued by her. I’d be lying if I didn’t want her all to myself. We were like oil on water—once lit, nothing could put it out. I knew the risk she took by coming to me. I knew the things they’ll do to her if they find out. She may have been betrayed before… But I’ll make sure nobody dares to lay a finger on her ever again.

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Table of Content

    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
    • Chapter 5
    • Chapter 6
    • Chapter 7
    • Chapter 8
    • Chapter 9
    • Chapter 10
    • Chapter 11
    • Chapter 12
    • Chapter 13
    • Chapter 14
    • Chapter 15
    • Chapter 16
    • Chapter 17
    • Chapter 18
    • Chapter 19
    • Chapter 20
    • Epilogue

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