Bear His Mark by Reina Torres

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Hollis Kent has been the dutiful heir to the Black Hills Bears, but even her own father has decided that his patience is coming to an end. Hollis is a bear shifter unable to shift, and to keep her place in the line of succession with her clan, she must find her mate. She’s met more than her share of shifters who were eager to make a match, but no one came close to capturing her interest or stirring anything within her.

That’s when she went to the Paranormal Dating Agency and put her future into the hands of Gerri Wilder.
Conor Hill has seen other shifters around him find their mates and discover the happiness that seems just out of his reach. His neighbor, Boone Wayland, found his own mate through the Agency and lives an idyllic life. He’s been a soldier and shed more blood than he’d care to admit. Can he find a mate who would bind herself to him and soothe his wild soul?

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