Bay Song by Noelle Adams


Her mother used to say you can feel the truth in your throat. Maybe when her story is finally told, she’ll be able to breathe again.
For six years, Holly has lived a reclusive life–with the Chesapeake Bay, the wild animals on her property, and dark memories as her only companions. Then she meets Cade. He’s smart and handsome and sensitive and sexy, and he simply will not go away. He wants to know all about her, and Holly starts to wonder if she can open up her heart again.

Cade comes back to his hometown for a break, barely holding on to the fraying edges of his true-crime writing career. He needs to write another book, and it needs to be a success. When he meets Holly, he knows there’s a great story hiding beneath her haunting beauty and her complete isolation. He’s going to be the one to tell that story.

Even if he breaks both of their hearts in the process.

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Table of Content

  • 1. One
  • 2. Two
  • 3. Three
  • 4. Four
  • 5. Five
  • 6. Six
  • 7. Seven
  • 8. Eight
  • 9. Nine
  • 10. Ten
  • 11. Eleven
  • 12. Twelve
  • 13. Thirteen
  • 14. Fourteen
  • 15. Fifteen
  • 16. Sixteen
  • 17. Seventeen
  • 18. Eighteen
  • 19. Excerpt from Relinquish
  • 20. About Noelle Adams
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