Balls in the Air by Molly Sloan

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My boss must be mad to have me cover a science fair in Edinburgh, Scotland. Then I met Him. The brilliant billionaire with a plan to save the planet.A gorgeous scientist with that smoldering stare. Once he touched me, my body came alive. Now, all I can think about is straddling him and taking off his glasses.

I’m the last son of three with a story of being adopted. From Scotland but raised in the States, I’m back to fulfill my dead father’s request. I didn’t count on the beautiful BBC reporter to bust my balls. Smart, determined and driven to find the truth. Turns out big oil is trying to pull a fraud. But once we uncover the mystery, she’ll see my intentions are pure.
And no one will ever be able to take her away from me.

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  • Original Title:Balls in the Air: A Hometown Billionaire Romance (Billionaire Elements)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. Copyright
  • 4. Dedication
  • 5. Beholden to You
  • 6. Also by Molly Sloan
  • 7. Prologue
  • 8. Chapter One: I Don’t Care About The Money
  • 9. Chapter Two: Leaving on a Jet Plane
  • 10. Chapter Three: Who’s The Dumb One?
  • 11. Chapter Four: The Story Begins
  • 12. Chapter Five: A Man’s Home is His Castle
  • 13. Chapter Six: Carrying On
  • 14. Chapter Seven: Stone Faced
  • 15. Chapter Eight: Playing to The Crowd
  • 16. Chapter Nine: Like Father, Like Son
  • 17. Chapter Ten: Hot for Teacher
  • 18. Chapter Eleven: Hot in The Air
  • 19. Chapter Twelve: Business or Pleasure
  • 20. Chapter Thirteen: These Four Walls
  • 21. Chapter Fourteen: Conflicted
  • 22. Chapter Fifteen: Simon Says
  • 23. Chapter Sixteen: Swinging Back and Forth
  • 24. Chapter Seventeen: Business as Usual
  • 25. Chapter Eighteen: Crossing The Line
  • 26. Chapter Nineteen: Favors
  • 27. Chapter Twenty: Farewells and Hellos
  • 28. Chapter Twenty-One: Enough is Enough
  • 29. Chapter Twenty-Two: The Sting
  • 30. Chapter Twenty-Three: Karma’s a Bitch
  • 31. Epilogue: Bonus Family
  • 32. About the Author
  • 33. Also by Molly Sloan

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