Bad Candy, Part Two by Ava Alise


Want to know the fastest way to screw up a sacred bond?

Have sex with your sister’s best friend and you’ll find out.

I know, I know. It was a dick move. But Renee Espada has always been “bad candy”, a term my sister and I coined when we were kids. It means “the ultimate temptation” and Renee is definitely sweet and totally off limits.

Ever since we met, self-control has been a battle. And now we have to share an apartment…with my sister.

It’s been pure torture and I’ve done all I could to stay away.
And now… what I never expected? That Renee would make the first move.
Sorry, sis. I tried.

***This book/duet can be read as a STANDALONE in this interconnected series.

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  • Original TitleBad Candy Part Two: Best Friend's Brother Romance (Gently Broken Book 4)
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