Aurora Borealis by Pandora Pine

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The big day has finally arrived for Cold Case Captain Kevin Fitzgibbon. He and his fiancé, Jace Lincoln, are getting married in a lavish wedding high atop Boston. Making their special day even more remarkable is a rare appearance by the Northern Lights. The happy couple has said, “I do,” taken hundreds of pictures, and shared their first dance. All is well, until Kevin’s phone rings with news of a mass casualty shooting event a block from their wedding venue. With the suspect still at large, Kevin’s duty as a police officer takes precedence over his long-awaited wedding reception.
Newlywed, Jace Lincoln can’t help feeling like the appearance of the Aurora Borealis is a harbinger of bad things to come. He can’t believe his new husband is leaving him in the middle of their reception, but knows this is what he signed up for as the husband of police captain. Jace sends Kevin off with his blessing and a kiss, praying he won’t go from husband to widower in the same day.
Events take an even more unexpected turn when Kevin’s search for the armed suspect leads him to find something truly astonishing: a newborn baby girl left abandoned in a dumpster. In that moment of heartbreaking magic, Fitzgibbon knows he was meant to fight for this tiny soul.
As the fight to save the baby girl begins, the prediction made months before by Madam Aurora begins to take shape. Fitzgibbon can only hope that he and Jace are ready for the battle to come.

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