Another Chance for Love by Shirley Penick

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Carol Anderson is enjoying her retirement as mayor of their small town. She is happily running her Bed and Breakfast and letting someone else steer their city. The sexy architect that arrives on the ferry to help with a building project tempts, but he is not for her, she’s been widowed too long to start all over again with a man.
Max Radcliff’s twin brother never once mentioned what a gorgeous woman, former mayor, Carol is. Max finds his body awakening after his wife’s death five long years ago, and while he’s glad to know he’s still fully functional, he’s not interested in an affair with the delectable woman.
When Carol receives the deed to a long abandoned Victorian house, Max agrees to examine it for her. The “house” turns out to be a mansion where the inside dimensions do not match the outside. Keys go missing, doors open and close, noises are unaccounted for. Neither of them believe in ghosts or haunted houses, but they cannot explain the odd things happening either.
And what does the odd poem have to do with it all? Join Carol and Max as they investigate the unexpected, including their own feelings.

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