Alpha’s Heart by Hawke Oakley

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Wesley has one job: infiltrate Indigo Mountain pack, seduce the top alpha, and destroy the pack from the inside out. As a 19-year-old omega yet to have his first heat, he’s the perfect shifter for the task. But Scarlet Ridge’s top alpha knows his enemy isn’t stupid. In order to gain access to the pack, Wesley needs to be hurt – badly. After crawling past the border nearly on death’s door, a sympathetic enemy alpha comes to his rescue, just as planned.

As a doctor, alpha Ken has seen his fair share of injuries, but nothing compares to the beat-up Wesley. He takes the critically injured omega into his home and nurses him back to health. Ken can’t deny the way his heart flutters when he looks at Wesley, but he has a strict policy about not getting involved with patients. But how long can he deny his attraction?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Wesley
  • 2. Ken
  • 3. Also by Hawke Oakley

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