Alpha Prisoner by Kaylin Peyerk

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Jhona and Finn have begun the first stage in the mating process, so things should be all sunshine and rainbows, right?
Jhona is more confused than he’s ever been.
After the fiasco with the Eastern Pack and Finn’s dangerous poisoned wolf, things have become extremely complicated. The secrets pile up too quickly to stop it, and a shifter war is brewing on the horizon with Jhona’s pack being at the center. Not only that, but while Jhona can admit to his attraction toward Finn and shares a bed with him, he’s not certain he’ll ever be ready to fully submit to his alpha. Due to his dark past having never been laid to rest, he can’t even admit his love for Finn to himself, let alone out loud. It leads to further trouble knocking on their door. An incredibly powerful–and familiar–alpha wants to claim him once and for all, one that Jhona’s fated mate will begin to understand shares a kinship with him in the worst way possible.
Finn has his own demons.
Ones that he’s been running from for his entire life, but no longer. They’re catching up, causing his wolf to grow stronger with each passing day. Ever since officially starting the mating process with Jhona, the urge to dominate him has become overwhelming. The longer Finn waits patiently for his mate to make a decision, the more pain and anguish he goes through in order to suppress his dark desires. That paired with his fear that the Eastern Pack will call on him to rule has left Finn sick to his stomach. He’ll do anything to make Jhona his, but not at the cost of his mate’s happiness. It leaves them at a crossroads, both emotionally and physically as their bond grows to unstoppable heights and another alpha hovers like a dark cloud above them.
As the situations of both their love and pack life heat up, will they be able to stay afloat, or will it prove too much to handle?

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