Alien Ice King’s Gift by Eden Ember

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The alien ice king covets me as his mate.

Impossible! Chasing a dream of alien civilizations sounded so chic and trendy. I just wanted to travel the world and see the old Aztec and Inca ruins. Then the truth comes out. The next thing I know, I’m on a royal spaceship. The captain is a seven foot brawn. Did I mention he’s blue and an alien ice king?
As in the king of an ice planet.
If I agree to be his mate, he’ll give me a gift. An adventure of a lifetime. As crazy as it seems, I find his charm magnetic. Until the unthinkable happens. In true royal strength, he sacrifices himself to save a planet and to save me too.
Now I know I’ll follow him to the ends of the universe, if we survive terrible stakes.

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