Alex by Nicki Rowe

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Declan Jones and Lucky Dickson have been together for twenty years. Declan is still dealing with the loss of his brother and Lucky is just trying to fix every broken car he comes across. They live a quiet life, except for on the weekends when they go to the club to find a third to spend a night with. When Alex Rhodes comes to town, they know they want him for a night. They never knew one night would lead to many, many more.

Alex’s life is completely upside down. He just broke up with his long term boyfriend, moved to Glensville and got a job with his old college roommate. Right now is not a good time to start feeling something for someone. Let alone two people. He tells himself that he will only be with Declan and Lucky for one night, but Alex can’t deny that Lucky and Declan are getting under his skin and into his heart. Can the three of them figure out how to navigate a relationship?

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