A Viscount to Conspire by Wendy May Andrews

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This fake relationship could prove to be a royal mess.

Lady Hilaria Sherton is determined to wed a duke—any duke will do. Viscount Eastwood is entirely unsuitable, of course. When he proposes a pretend courtship with him that could increase her status in the ton, Hilaria agrees to his scheme, despite her low opinion of him.

Viscount Camden Eastwood needs his overbearing mother to quit trying to marry him off. He knows she will consider Lady Hilaria to be unsuitable despite her being the daughter of an earl. Hilaria’s own snobbery convinces Cam she’ll be the perfect partner for his plans.

Their ruse is even more successful than they could have expected, so why aren’t they happy about it? What should they do when their pretend relationship doesn’t feel so fake anymore?

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