A Valentine’s Day Treat by Sam Mariano

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NOT a full-length novel. This volume contains two short stories, one featuring the characters from my full-length novel Stitches, one featuring the primary couple from my Morelli family series. This is not standalone material; this is bonus content written for (and is only intended to be read by) readers of the original stories.

Stranded on Valentine’s Day
(The Stitches universe, featuring Griff, Moira, and Seb.)
It’s Valentine’s Day in Philly, and everything is going wrong. Seb and Griff are stuck at the club, and Moira’s car leaves her stranded. Will their first Valentine’s Day together be a success, or a miserable failure?

A Perfect Valentine’s Day
(A Morelli family short story.)
Mateo Morelli just wants to enjoy a quiet Valentine’s Day with his wife and newborn daughter. Dinner plans forgotten, baby sleeping peacefully, it seems like he may get his wish… until his eldest daughter turns up missing.

(Also included: a never before seen—but much requested—sexy deleted scene from Last Words. That’s a bonus I threw in for free!)

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