A Court of Fire and Metal by Meg Xuemei X

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The four mighty, smoking-hot warriors had wanted to use Cass Saélihn as the weapon to kill the Olympian gods, but they fell for her instead. Now all they want is to protect her. So they hide Cass in the magically glamoured Academy, the only safe place for earthlings.
But Cass won’t cower or run from danger. She sets her own rules and stands her ground, no matter how her blood heats for her alpha mates. She’s determined to take the fight to the gods, not as a weapon but a leader.
Yet an all-powerful, beautiful, cruel god is already among them, much closer than she and her four mates can imagine. He covets Cass and her power more than anything, and when the god strikes, he leaves nothing to chance.

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  • Original Title:A Court of Fire and Metal: a Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (War of the Gods Book 2)
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